Solve Vortire account issues

Purchased VortireVPN and know your username?
Now you can reset your VortireVPN account password by using the Proof Of Purchase ID shown on your PayPal receipt. (If you joined us before 03/09/22, please contact us as the reset service won't work)

Reset my password

What's the difference between my Vortire Account Password and my VPN Password?
Your Vortire account password is what you use to sign in on the Vortire website. If you want to access your dashboard, you'll have to use your Vortire account password. By contrast, your VPN Password is an automatically generated password that you use to connect. You can find this password on your dashboard (take me to my dashboard). You cannot change your VPN password.

Do any of these help you?
- Neither your username or password can contain an Email Address.
- Usernames can only have a-z, A-Z and 1-9 characters. Special characters and symbols are not allowed.
- Your VPN password is different from your account password. Use your account password to sign in on the Vortire website.
- A password cannot be less than four characters in length.

Still no luck signing in?
If you still can't log in, but you have purchased our VPN, then you can contact us at [email protected] and we'll use your PayPal email to verify it is you.

If you haven't bought our VPN, we can delete your account but cannot reset your password since we cannot prove your identity.

Please remember:
Vortire does not have access to your plain-text password since it is cryptographically secured. 

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